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The Significance of the Monad Divine

by Elsie Benjamin

Introductory remarks:
It is perhaps because the whole subject and concept of the Monad is so very vast —in its higher aspects
far beyond our human comprehension—and yet so very intimate and closely connected with each one of
us throughout our whole evolutionary journey, from its start to its finish (“finished” only for this
Manvantara) that it is so difficult to comprehend, and leads to so much argument. And yet, a clear
understanding, partial though it may be, of the Monad, holds the key to a clear understanding of Man, his
origin, his destiny, his evolutionary journey.

Non-comprehension is not limited to new students, though experience during the 25 years or so of
conducting the Theosophical Correspondence Course has shown that, just as with some Christians the
tendency is to anthropomorphize “God”, so the new student tends at times to picture the Monad as
something material, physical, however fine the state of matter, something which occupies space, and
above all something which is entirely separate from Man himself. We hope to show that the Monad is not
such. It is Consciousness per se, and manifests in its descent into matter as various degrees of
consciousness appropriate to the sphere in which it manifests; and most important, that we are never
separated from our Divine Monad.

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