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The Significance of the Seven Principles of Man

by Elsie Benjamin

H. P. Blavatsky writes in an article, “Modern Idealism”, speaking of the “. . . true self (Buddhi)—a spark
from the radiant essence of the Universal Spirit”, that “Western Psychology errs in regarding this
personal ego as the only factor to be considered in its researches—thus implying the importance of
considering the whole of Man, his seven principles.

For a discussion of this subject we have chosen relevant passages from various books, giving in each
instance the page reference because our selected passages must necessarily be brief, and the interested
student can thus turn to the books designated.

Our own contribution to the article is limited to short explanatory remarks relating the technical teaching
in a practical way to our living. These comments are by no means exhaustive, merely an inducement for
further thinking and study. We want to discuss first the seven principles generally and then deal with each
one in greater detail.

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