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Separatism or Individualism is the heretical belief that a collection of essentially separate or individual parts make up the whole of the cosmos. This is to be contrasted against the idea that each individual is but a reflection of some aspect of the whole, and manifest like they are a cell in the body of the One Life, and their best interest is in the health of that One Life. From this latter idea flows naturally the principle of Universal Brotherhood--the antithesis to the illusion and heresy of individualism. Each cell in the body does its best when it performs the duty for which it is created--the heart cell working for the heart, the liver cell for the liver, etc. This analogy is extremely fertile in helping humanity determine how to live and behave with respect to one another.
Unfortunately, today Universal Brotherhood is ignored and the cult of the individual reigns supreme. Where are we to find the origin of this heresy and how are we to protect ourselves from it? It is the West that has to take responsibility for allowing the seed of separatism to take root and grow so prolifically in its soil. It has now spread this weed over the entire globe. It is the West that will bear the karmic responsibility for the unprecedented suffering, at least within the realm of recorded history, that exists in the world today.
To find the origin of this philosophy in the West we have to look back to the Hebrew people of Palestine and how this small and insignificant war-like tribe managed to influence the entire world. The "Chosen People" of a small tribal deity that goes by the name of Jehovah somehow managed to convince the entire West that this tribal god, Jehovah, was the One and Only God. Every people in the Ancient World had their national god, and the Hebrew people were no different. This Jehovah, who was simply an aspect of one of the Kabilistic Sephiroth, was used as a blind by the initiated priests for the "Ineffable Name" or "Word". That Jehovah was not the god of Jesus is clear. In her Collected Writings, H.P. Blavatsky points out:
But why sing never-ceasing laudations to the Mosaic Jews who repudiated all the other Gods, preserved the most phallic, and then most impudently proclaimed themselves Monotheists? Jesus ever steadily ignored Jehovah. He went against the Mosaic commandments. He recognized his Heavenly Father alone, and prohibited public worship. ("The Hebrew Talisman", and "Agrippa and theWandering Jew".