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Peter von Sass

Peter von Sass - Biographical Notes

Peter E. Von Sass was born on September 11, 1930 in Riga, Latvia of Baltic German descent. The activities of WW2 forced his family to leave their home country of some 700 years, to eventually re-settle in Germany. Following five years’ attendance at a Lutheran college, he graduated in 1951 and emigrated to Canada, where he initially worked in BC’s forests and in Alberta’s oil industry. While his early spiritual interests date back to his high school days, he was left with disappointment and the realization that the Lutheran pastors he had encountered were unable to provide meaningful answers pertaining to man’s role in creation, the meaning of the cycles of life and death, the existence of a higher creative force, etc.

His business career focussed on accounting, finance and eventually executive management with major multi-national corporations in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Edmonton. He established his own venture capital company in the mid-1980s. His education in accounting, economics and business administration included attendance at the University of Alberta, Edmonton; Concordia University, Montreal; and lecturing at McGill University, Montreal on the subject of “International Finance and Business”. Mr von Sass has a wide range of interests including writing, composing music, art, history, business and spiritual development.

It was in Montreal in 1963, where he married his wife Ilona. They have four children and six grandchildren. His search for a deeper meaning of life spanned some forty years and included an extensive study of spiritual/philosophical literature including the various religious traditions, Theosophy, Kabbalah, music and art etc, as well as active participation in such spiritual organizations as Edgar Cayce’s “Search for God” study group program, Imre Vallyon’s “Foundation for Higher Learning” and “Edmonton Theosophical Society”. Thus, after many years of intense study and search, he recognized that all true religious traditions and spiritual teaching are derived from the same essence, and finally realized that “The source of the living water is within you”, therefore obviating the need for third part intervention, be it by church fathers or gurus.

Peter is a member of Edmonton Theosophical Society.