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Edmonton Theosophical Society

Edmonton Theosophical Society is an official non-profit charitable organization* which has been active in this city since 1911. It holds to the Society's first Object and has collected a significant library of metaphysical and other titles, which are available for the use and benefit of its members. It is hoped that this library may find a future home and become a valuable community resource for the serious study of comparative religion, philosophy, and science.

The Society's most recent work includes the republishing of early theosophical writings, periodicals, etc. which might have been otherwise lost to the Movement, and the creation of indexes for early theosophical periodicals. The Society also published a quarterly periodical, Fohat, from 1997 - 2008.  Fohat was aimed at  providing an ethical basis for modern life different from the generally accepted dogma of scientific materialism.


The members of Edmonton Theosophical Society meet weekly from September to May in order to study and discuss theosophical writings. The study is approached with an attitude of mutual respect in order to draw from each of the members the wisdom that lies latent in every one of us. The Society does not proselytise for members. Each human being's mental and spiritual progress must be gained through his/her own efforts. The decision to study the Ancient Wisdom should be made without undue outside influence.

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PO BOX 4587

*Charitable Reg. No. 11925 8820 RR0001