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The Judge Case

by Ernest Pelletier


If W.Q. Judge, the man who has done most for Theosophy in America, who has worked most
unselfishly in your country, and has ever done the biddings of Master, the best he knew how, is left alone in . . . and if the . . . Society in general and its Esotericists especially leave him alone, without their unanimous moral support, which is much more than their money — then I say — let them go! They are NO theosophists; — and if such a thing should happen, and Judge be left to fight his battles alone, then shall I bid all of them an eternal good-bye. I swear on MASTER’S holy name to shake off the dust of my feet from everyone of them. . . .

— H.P.B. [Letters That Have Helped Me - J.N., Vol. 2, pp.116-117.]


Man’s destiny hangs by a thread at the best of times, and the actions of a few can affect the destiny of not
only one man, but the rest of humanity as well. Insidious interpretations of certain events color and shape
the thoughts and lives of those who follow. Throughout recorded history it is proven time and time again that the historical interpretation of events by those who dominate a conflict is generally accepted as the “right” one. Unfortunately, truth is the first casualty of conflict. The history within the Theosophical Society is not exempt from this fate.

Since its inception in 1875 the Theosophical Society has experienced numerous conflicts, some of which
have polarized the membership and created splinter groups that held to their own version of the historical
interpretation. Errors found in the accounts of theosophical history have skewed philosophical arguments
and led to partisanship. Although there are numerous examples, the most troubling remains “The Judge

Colonel Henry Steel Olcott was the first to use the phrase “The Judge Case” when describing this conflict
in his President’s Address at the Nineteenth Anniversary of The Theosophical Society on December 25th,
1894. At that time he stated: “We are at a crisis that is the most serious within our history since that of 1884.

The unavoidable failure to dispose of the charges against Mr. Judge last July, has set in motion most
powerful opposing currents of feeling. By some he is enthusiastically supported, by others as unreservedly
condemned.” These sentiments have survived to this day.

The Judge Case: A Conspiracy Which Ruined the Theosophical CAUSE chronicles the events and tragedy
that besieged and diverted the Theosophical Movement from the Original Program created from the
inspiration and guidance offered by the true Founders of the Theosophical Society — the Masters of
Wisdom. [The Judge Case Volume I pdf file] [The Judge Case Volume II pdf file]