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by T.H. Martyn

Dear Mr. Martyn:
Many conflicting rumors and unreliable pieces of information are being circulated regarding the Liberal
Catholic Church movement and its Constitution and Rules. In view of your close association with Mr.
Leadbeater, I write to ask you for a statement of such facts as have come to your attention that have a bearing on the important points in this connection.

As I understand it you are in favour of a Church movement along liberal lines, such as the Old or Liberal
Catholic Church purports to be, but that you are decidedly opposed to the present form of its Constitution. If
this is the case, would you mind telling me what are the points of your proposals?

I hesitate to take your valuable time with my enquiries, but feel at this time while the Constitution and
form of the Church is in the making, it is essential that as much light as possible be thrown on the various
points, in order that the most useful form of organization may be given to the world.

Very sincerely yours,

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