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Hastings: The Evil That Men Do Lives After Them

Canadian Theosophist XVIII, August 1937, p.175




Over fifty years have passed since the Society of Psychical Research published their Report on the Adyar Phenomena, in which H. P. Blavatsky was branded "as one of the most accomplished, ingenious, and interesting impostors in history."

Few realized at the time, except perhaps H. P. B. herself, the infinite harm this Report would do to the Cause which she had so much at heart. It was that knowledge which over-whelmed her with sorrow, and quite outweighed her indignation at the personal injustice of the accusations. She probably foresaw the far reaching results this Report would have on public opinion, and how the teaching of Theosophy as entrusted to her by her Masters would, in consequence receive a stigma which would prevent those who believed the accusations against the Founder of the Society from even glancing at her Teachings.

It becomes increasingly evident that we must succeed in convincing the public that a terrible injustice has been done to Mme. Blavatsky in this Report, which finds its echo in the many attacks on her appearing in the literature and the Press of today. To do this we must be able to present the facts of the case clearly, concisely, and without prejudice before the world. The opportunity to do this has occurred in the publication of a series of Pamphlets entitled "The Defence of Madame Blavatsky" by Mrs. Beatrice Hastings. The author who has been called "the cleverest woman writer of her day" brings an unusually astute mind and a ready pen to bear on the subject, of which she has made a close analytical study. Her first volume is concerned largely with Messrs. Hares' recent publication "Who Wrote the Mahatma Letters?" In it Mrs. Hastings arrays her facts in a masterly way against the theories of the authors, which theories she completely demolishes. This first volume is to be followed by another dealing mainly with the Report of the Society for Psychical Research, the obvious injustice of which first attracted Mrs. Hastings to the subject, and, made her spend years in research work on the accusations and defence.

Unfortunately lack of means is preventing her from printing this second volume until the proceeds from the sale of the first enables her to do so, it is therefore most important that all those Theosophical Societies and individuals who have the vindication of H.P.B. at heart should give Mrs. Hastings their full support by purchasing copies of these Pamphlets which can be obtained from The Hastings Press, 4 Bedford Row, Worthing, Sussex, England, or from The Blavatsky Association, 26 Bedford Gardens, London. W.8. Price 2/6.

Iona Davey.
Hon. Sec.


(For the Council of the Blavatsky Association.)