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The Ass in the Lion`s Skin

The Relation of the Old Catholic Church To Theosophy and The TS

Having for some time observed the flirtation going on between the Old Catholic Church and the Theosophical Society, I am reminded of nothing so much as of Aesop’s fable of the Ass in the Lion's Skin. The camouflage was tolerably effective until the ass attempted to roar. The ass is a very respectable animal and as churches go, the Old Catholic Church is a very respectable church. I have not the least desire to reflect on the ass by the comparison—nor on the church. But when the Old Catholic Church dresses itself in the theosophical lion’s skin—it is but skin, for there is none of the lion inside of it—and parades before theosophists, those who know what the true theosophical roar is, those who know the voice of the Master, are not likely to be deceived when it opens its mouth and emits—the Mass.  (More . . . )