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Ted G. Davy

Much of the following was written by Ted himself; some comments and links have been added. Ted was
too modest to fully express his own experiences and achievements; he could only give hints. Although
having benefitted from his advice and wisdom over many years, much more has been discovered about
this man from his collection of personal letters and archives bequeathed to Edmonton TS. A brief
Theosophical Biography was also added. — Ernest E. Pelletier
Teddie Gerald Davy - Personal Biography
Teddie Gerald Davy, better known as Ted, was born September 6, 1926, in Great Yarmouth a seaside
town in Norfolk. Yarmouth, as it was known by the locals, was a major fishing port for hundreds of years
depending mainly on the herring fisheries. It is located on the East Coast of England about 140 miles
North of London. Today, Yarmouth is a town of about 40,000 people on the mouth of the River Yare,
mainly known now as a holiday resort because of its long sandy beaches.
Ted was the youngest of three children, one brother and one sister. Ted’s older brother was Herbert Cecil
Davy named after his father. Bert or “Bertie” as he was called by the family was 10½ years older than
Ted. Ted later wrote this about his brother “So sibling interaction during childhood between Bertie and
me was quite limited. Nevertheless, for the first 13 years of my life, he was an important influence,
because of age difference almost parental rather than fraternal figure.” [“Fond Recollections of My Elder
Brother,” 4 page document found near Ted’s computer.]
Ted often spoke gratefully of his happy childhood in a loving family, a family he described as a bit lower
than lower middle class. Thanks to his sister Ena, eight years his senior, he learned to read at a very
young age, and until 13, was educated in small private schools. In a 1990 letter to Ted, Ena wrote: “Ted,
how ever did you manage to read those long sentences and big words at that age!! It made me realize how
I enjoyed teaching you at that age.”